fine jewellery ring service and repair

We restore almost everything and anything. Contact us for free consultation if you need help with,

Jewellery Restoration 
Weld broken pieces
Polish/ Renew scratched or dull pieces
Resize pieces which no longer fit
Reset/ replace missing part
Redesign a pre-loved piece
Engrave meaningful message and date in different languages

Please note we only accept genuine platinum, gold, silver or other precious metals as advised by our sales professionals for jewellery restoration work.

Swiss Japan watch service and repair

Watch Restoration 
Replace batteries
Adjust watch lengths
Replace watch straps

Please note we only accept authentic Swiss & Japan time pieces for watch restoration work.

White gold earring repair

You may collect the restored piece(s) on the same day or as advised by our sales professionals.

We accept used gold in exchange of jewellery or cash. Contact us for the latest rate or for more information.